Purity compliance demonstrates to all of our clients that Purity is a company built on delivering quality, whilst limiting our impact on the environment, and ensuring the safety of our workforce and subcontractors.

We offer compliance services to all our clients, built on our own internal systems that provide best practice processes and formal procedures for dealing with all aspects of project delivery, including quality, ethical, sustainability and H&S requirements.

Purity has a proven track record of working successfully with both brands and agencies. Our consultative process allows us to advise clients and shape the solution based on their requirements and our industry experience. We often work as an extension of our client teams and pride ourselves on our ability to develop working relationships.

We are accredited to a number of ISO standards

ISO 9001 LOGO purity

Our Management Team regularly analyse client satisfaction data, internal performance data, financial performance data and business performance data to ensure that our quality objectives are being met. We have defined processes for the provision of our products & services.

ISO 14001 LOGO purity

The company has never been subject to any prosecutions or enforcement actions by the Environment Agency of other authority for environmental violations. We have identified our company’s significant aspects and impacts.

ISO 20121 LOGO purity

We have a legal register in place to help us comply with all legal requirements. We have a waste management plan in place to reduce our waste and divert it from landfill. We provide a framework that ensures that we will conduct our business in a manner that protects the environment.

OHSAS 18001 LOGO purity

We have operational control procedures in place to minimise our risks & hazards. We have ensured that our employees are appropriately trained. We comply with health & safety best practice and legislative requirements. We maintain & document OH&S objectives.