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Studio Spring

Purity has provided staff to agency client Cheil UK for a number of years on a wide variety of projects including Samsung Studios. In Spring 2016 Cheil appointed Purity to provide an extensive team of staff to operate the Samsung Studio at Westfield London for a one month period.

Up to 75 staff at any one time were recruited and trained to man the different zones at the Studio including the different Virtual Reality experiences. Members of the public had the opportunity to try the 4D VR roller-coaster, go surfing or even try skiing through the unique Samsung technology.

Purity also provided staff to take consumers through the different wearable technology that was showcased during the campaign.

Taking over the whole atrium at the Westfield site made for a huge spectacle. To ensure the crowds of people were kept entertained Purity also provided MC’s to build excitement and engage with members of the public at all times.