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ROI traditionally indicates a quantifiable impact on a business’s investment.

When it comes to Experiential Marketing or Brand Activation, it is important to assess and understand how different types of ROI can add both short term and long term value to a business.

Brand activation or experiential marketing can be measured in a number of ways, these measures span both Hard ROI and Soft ROI, providing both short and long term results and should be considered when developing campaigns of any size.

Hard ROI

Measures of monetary or quantitive value on a short term basis

Sales value
Leads generated
Website visitors

Soft ROI

Subjective measures based on the long term success of the business

Brand Affinity
Purchase Intent
Likelihood to recommend

maximise on customer experience (CX)

Customer experience is a customers’ perception of how a company treats them. These perceptions influence buying behaviours and drive an increase in customer loyalty.

Improving the experience consumers have with your company is key to increasing retention, satisfaction and long term sales.

74% of event attendees say that they have a more positive opinion about the company, brand, product or service being promoted after the event. (EMI & Mosaic)

70% of users become a regular customer after an experiential marketing event. (EMI)

Real results

Remember that popular energy drink brand that broke the world record for the highest skydive in history in 2012? This televised stunt helped the business to see a 7% increase in sales within the U.S in the 6 months following the event.

“Sales is the ultimate goal, but the path to success relies on creating real customer connections that influence buying behaviours generating long term results.”

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