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Why Music Festivals Are a Must-Attend for Brands (and How to Win There)

April 2024

Purity - Why Music Festivals Are a Must-Attend for Brands (and How to Win There)

Brands play a crucial role in shaping today’s culture, and music festivals offer a unique platform for authentic self-expression.

Here’s why music festivals should be a key element of your experiential marketing strategy, along with a glimpse into the successful activations at Coachella 2024:

Hello Velo

A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

Music festivals are more than just concerts; they’re vibrant cultural hubs teeming with engaged consumers. This creates a powerful ecosystem:

Festivals Need Brands: Festivals rely on sponsors to create immersive experiences and entertainment zones. These “apex moments” attract attendees and enhance the overall festival experience.

Brands Need Festivals: Music festivals are your town square, offering a prime opportunity to connect with your target audience in a fun, relaxed setting. Imagine getting your product directly into their hands!

Coachella 2024: Winning Brand Activations

Coachella 2024 wrapped up recently, and the brand activations were a key part of the festival experience. Here are some highlights.

American Express Experience

Embraced a wintry wonderland theme inspired by Reneé Rapp’s album, offering an alcohol-free glam service, a trendy fashion boutique, and a relaxation nook.


Invited attendees to “break the ice” with a non-stop DJ set, metaverse gaming experiences, and surprise appearances by Paris Hilton and Matt Rogers.

Aperol Terrazza

Replicated the iconic Venetian space, featuring a VIP area, photo opportunities, interactive digital experiences, and an indoor tram ride.

Malibu at Elrow London July 2023

YouTube Lounge

A 2,000-square-foot desert oasis with photo opportunities and interactive experiences, marking its 12th year as Coachella’s exclusive livestream partner.

Gallery Desert House Presented by PATRÓN

Hosted celebrities and influencers, offering entertainment, artistry, live music, bespoke libations, and wellness activities.

Pinterest’s Manifest Station

A first-ever Coachella activation, this fashion and beauty extravaganza encouraged attendees to embrace past and present festival trends.

NYLON House & ZOEasis

BDG hosted exclusive after-parties at Cavallo Ranch, featuring celebrities, musicians, and influencers, with Smirnoff ICE as the presenting sponsor.

Method’s Festival Activations

The official body and haircare sponsor offered a “Field of Showers” exhibit for artistic customization and a kaleidoscope selfie booth.

Goodwill’s Coachella Art Studio

Promoted sustainability and creativity with activities like jewelry crafting, upcycling clothing, and live drawing sessions.

Heineken House

A longstanding festival fixture, offering a half-day lounge and half-stage area with performances by T-Pain, Lupe Fiasco, and others.

Here’s how you win at festivals

Align with the Festival Vibe: Don’t just drop your brand message into the mix. Craft an activation that complements the overall festival experience. Think themes, aesthetics, and activities that resonate with the audience and the festival itself.

Focus on Engagement: People come to music festivals to have fun, not be bombarded with sales pitches. Create interactive experiences, contests, or photo opportunities that encourage participation and brand interaction.

Offer Something of Value: Think beyond free samples (though those can be a plus!). Provide attendees with something they’ll truly appreciate, like phone charging stations, beauty touch-ups, or festival essentials.

Yahoo lovebox festival
SW4 Festival Clapham Common

Embrace Social Media: Festivals are a breeding ground for social sharing. Create Instagrammable moments and encourage attendees to share their experiences with your brand using specific hashtags.

Think Beyond the Main Stage: The festival grounds are brimming with potential. Activate pop-up shops, host after-parties, or partner with local vendors to extend your reach.

By following these tips and learning from the successes of brands at Coachella 2024, you can create a winning music festival activation that builds brand awareness, fosters positive associations, and leaves a lasting impression on your target audience.

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