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Product sampling for your brand

How can product sampling benefit brands and consumers

Boost Sales, Build Loyalty & Inspire Advocacy with Purity

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Purity - Evian Sparkling Water

Purity is more than a product sampling agency; we’re a trusted partner for top brands like Mondelez, Danone, Adidas, Pernod Ricard, Samsung, and Diageo.

We know strategic product sampling can be game-changing. Studies show that brands using sampling outperform competitors and achieve higher ROI. Why? Because:

  • People buy what they’ve tried and loved
  • Happy customers become brand champions
  • Trial experiences create lasting positive associations

At Purity, we design sampling campaigns that:

  • Drive sales: Get your product into potential customers’ hands
  • Create advocates: Turn satisfied samplers into loyal champions
  • Build success: Lay the foundation for long-term brand love

Unlock the power of product sampling with Purity.

Why choose product sampling?


Sales Growth

Product sampling campaigns have been proven to drive sales growth, with conversion rates soaring as high as 70%. It’s a persuasive force that motivates consumers to take action and make a purchase.


Heightened Brand Awareness

Sampling not only introduces your brand to new audiences but also creates a buzz and generates word-of-mouth recommendations. This helps to amplify your brand’s visibility and increase awareness among consumers.


Strong Return on Investment

With a staggering 81% of consumers who receive a sample ending up making a purchase from that brand, product sampling delivers a strong return on investment. It’s a powerful tool that directly influences buyer behaviour and drives sales.


Influence Buyer Behaviour

By offering consumers a hands-on experience with your product, sampling has the ability to influence their decision-making process. It allows them to try, taste, or experience your product firsthand, increasing the likelihood of future purchases.


Gain Valuable Consumer Insights

Product sampling provides an opportunity to gather real-time consumer feedback and valuable insights. This information can be used to refine your marketing strategies, improve your product offerings, and better understand your target audience.


Real-Time Consumer Feedback

Through product sampling, you receive immediate feedback from consumers, enabling you to gauge their reactions and opinions. This feedback can be invaluable in shaping your future marketing campaigns and product development.

When it comes to reaching consumers, driving sales, and amplifying your brand’s impact, product sampling is a strategic choice that yields impressive results. Trust Purity, the experts in product sampling, to design and execute impactful campaigns that deliver exceptional outcomes for your

Purity is the world’s leading product sampling agency


We recognise the diversity of different demographics, the nuances in worldwide consumer expectations, and evolving trends that influence global markets.

We also invest time into understanding your brand’s unique qualities and core elements, building meaningful and memorable experiences that resonate, and generate sales.

Purity People understand that they are in the business of relationships and are trained in the art of connecting with consumers, through body language and sales techniques.

We will work closely with you to deliver successful product sampling campaigns that drive tangible results for your business

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We create measurable moments

Ice Breaker can giveaway

Purity, the leading product sampling agency, has a remarkable track record of successfully reaching over 3 million consumers in the past 5 years around the world.

As specialists in product sampling, we understand the importance of precise consumer targeting and implementing the right strategy to achieve maximum impact.

Why product sampling delivers success

Product sampling is a powerful strategy that taps into the psychology of consumer behaviour. Purity understands why sampling campaigns yield impressive results.

Here are three key psychological factors at play:

Building Consumer Commitment

By offering free product samples, brands create an opportunity for potential customers to experience their products without any initial investment. This fosters trust, as consumers can try the product with an open mind. Positive sampling experiences often lead to long-term customer loyalty and advocacy.

Mutual Reciprocity

When consumers receive something for free, a psychological sense of reciprocity is triggered. They feel obligated to reciprocate the generosity by making a future purchase from the brand. This reciprocal relationship strengthens the bond between the consumer and the brand, driving ongoing engagement.

Emotional Connection

Product sampling engages multiple senses, creating a strong emotional response. When consumers can taste, smell, and touch a product, it triggers a memorable and positive association with the brand. These emotional connections have a lasting impact, influencing future purchasing decisions.

Contact us today to drive success for your brand through the psychology of sampling.

Alpro at Waterloo

Alpro This is Not M*lk

We unleashed the power of over 1 million samples across various SKUs in just one year. The impact? Unprecedented brand awareness and a surge in consumer engagement that propelled Alpro to new heights. For the Not Milk Campaign we sampled 253,000 consumers, 80% of which said it tastes like dairy and 95% sampled liked the taste.

Purity - Absolute mix

Absolut Mixt

We made waves at the Mighty Hoopla Festival, distributing a staggering 11.5k cans of Absolut Mixt and 5,000 samples of Absolut Juice. The result? A frenzy of excitement, leaving festival-goers thirsty for more.

JMP Chocolate extras

Green & Black’s Chocolate Taste Tour

Our epic three-year journey took the tantalising world of Green & Black’s chocolate to town centres, store fronts, and festivals. From our iconic bespoke touring Citroen H van, we created unforgettable brand interactions. Over 20 events we sampled 70,000 people.

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