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3 million people can’t be wrong

Over the last 5 years alone we have put our client’s brands into the hands of over 3 million consumers. As a leading product sampling agency, we know what it takes to deliver a successful sampling campaign.

One size does not fit all when it comes to product sampling. All brands are unique and so too are the challenges they face. We know this at Purity and will strive to deliver on your objectives.

Growing brand awareness, increasing penetration, delivering trial or changing perceptions. When it comes to employing product sampling, the list is extensive. We understand that a well-devised product sampling strategy will create a ‘right-time, right-place’ solution.

Physically putting your product into the hands of consumers and inviting them to taste it whilst actively engaging with them face-to-face is a proven means of increasing sales and changing consumer behaviour.

Product sampling provides a genuine, personalised, relevant and positive lasting interaction with highly targeted consumers for brands and this is where Purity specialise.

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Why product sampling delivers success

Commitment – Sampling a free product doesn’t require any emotional or financial investment or commitment. Consumers feel open-minded to taking the sample and in doing so will consider purchasing the product in the future.

Mutuality – There is a psychological factor that comes into play once people have been offered something such as a complimentary product sample. The sense that the person or brand is now owed a return of favour is triggered either consciously or sub-consciously.

Emotion – Actively engaging the senses around taste, smell and touch creates a powerful emotional response, keeping that positive memory front of mind for the consumer when next in a buying frame of mind.

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