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Delivering first-class brand in hand samples

Product Sampling

Purity provide a full end-to-end service around sampling campaigns. Our experienced team work closely with all clients to consult and advise on journey planning, production and logistics requirements. We create, plan and book venues for clients, design and build sampling units, manage vehicles and oversee all aspects of storage and deliveries.

Importantly, through our in-house Purity Staffing team, we then recruit, train and manage the right team to ensure we exceed all expectations. We always invite clients to be part of the staff selection process and also ensure client involvement in the briefing process from a brand perspective.

Our Training & Development Manager works with all stake-holders to maximise the investment by clients and performance by our teams in the field.

We then report and measure campaign effectiveness. Our online reporting system allows for detailed, dynamic reports that can be analysed as campaigns are live and again once completed. We constantly strive to deliver the very best for our clients.

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