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You know that it’s essential to find ways to establish your products on the market by driving brand awareness and creating consumer loyalty, and thus increasing sales.

Purity, with its experienced product sampling team, has grown to understand that the strategies behind product sampling are constantly evolving. There is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy and our success lies in taking the time to understand the brands we are working with, along with their consumers, so that we can help them to achieve sensational results.

How can product sampling benefit brands and their consumers?

Simply put, providing samples allows the consumer to ‘try before they buy.’ Doing so increases the exposure of brands, where potential consumers get a taste of the product and are left wanting more, so when they are next in-store, they are more likely to recognise the product, remember the taste, and purchase.

Brands that implement product sampling as a key part of their marketing strategy are more likely to achieve an impressive ROI compared to other competitors in their market.

In addition, brands who showcase their products through product sampling allow consumers to find out for themselves whether they enjoy the product, and most often they are then more likely to purchase and spread positive word of mouth, increasing brand devotion because of consumer confidence in the brand. There’s nothing better than when a consumer new to the brand trials a product, tells our ambassador that it tastes much better than expected and that they would in fact now go on to purchase. Without the trial, the consumer would never have considered purchasing.

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Creating brand devotion for 3 million consumers

Over the last 5 years, Purity has helped put our clients’ brands into the hands of over three million consumers. Our leading product sampling strategies help to deliver successful sampling campaigns for a wide range of brands. We make every single campaign bespoke to suit your specifications. Every brand we work with faces unique challenges, but we will collaborate with you to overcome and help you deliver on your objectives.

As a product sampling agency, we understand the individual needs of brands to create a strategy that targets the right consumers. We know that implementing the right strategy ensures product sampling campaigns provide genuine, personalised, relevant and positive interactions between consumers and brands. Product sampling is a proven method of delivering ROI through trial, sales, brand awareness and relationship building.

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Why product sampling delivers success

A well-devised product sampling strategy creates a right-time, right place situation for brands and consumers. It means getting products into the hands of consumers while engaging with them face-to-face as a proven way of changing the behaviour of consumers and increasing sales.

Product Sampling Agencies Breed Consumer Commitment – Prospective customers who sample a free product do not have to invest anything either emotionally or financially. Consumers new to a brand typically take the sample with an open mind, and most likely will then consider purchasing the product in the future, as well as tell other people about a product they enjoyed from a brand they have trialled, interacted with and now trust.

Mutuality – Psychological factors come into play once they have been offered something for free. Having enjoyed a product sample, there is a sense that the individual is now likely to feel the brand now deserves, and is owed, a return of favour that is triggered as a result. Most often this manifests itself through a future purchase.

Emotion – When a potential customer’s senses such as taste, smell and touch are engaged, an emotional response is created. That emotional response creates a positive memory that stays in front of the mind when the consumer is contemplating purchasing a similar product in future. Moreover, the practice of product sampling provides a link between consumers and brands that is relevant, positive and personalised towards the consumer needs.

If you want to see how a targeted product sampling campaign can boost your brand’s relationships with the consumer, get in touch to see how Purity can help.

Delivering effective product sampling campaigns for our clients

Many brands have trusted the team at Purity to be their product sampling agency in bringing their marketing campaigns to life for over a decade. Some of our most notable campaigns have included; Alpro with over 1 million samples delivered in just one year across multiple SKU’s, Absolut Mixt RTD Sampling, where we helped to distribute over 11.5k cans of Absolut Mixt and another 5,000 samples of Absolut Juice at the Mighty Hoopla Festival, and the Green & Black’s chocolate taste tour to town centres, front of store and festivals over 3 years using our bespoke touring Citroen H van.

The magic happens at our in-house production house and creative design studio, where we work according to the brief given to us by you to deliver a truly bespoke service with trust and loyalty at the centre of everything that we do.

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