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When it comes to delivering first-class events and promotional campaigns, Purity sets precedence for achieving excellent results in experiential marketing all over the world.

We are proud of our global influence. With a worldwide network of partners, we have worked on campaigns for notable brands such as Marriot Mercedes at the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix, for Samsung in Brazil – Rio 2016, and Johnnie Walker on the European rounds of Formula 1 Grand Prix races.

We are creative thinkers that drive innovation, but our relationships make us market leaders in the world of experiential marketing.

Purity is a brand experience agency that loves what we do. Our success is driven by our unquenchable desire to achieve the best outcome possible for our clients, as we continue to wholeheartedly support their brands throughout each of their campaigns with energy and passion, delivered with first-class client servicing.

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Most people can recall those special moments in their lives that they will cherish forever. Many of those memories are moments that were experienced with a brand. Whether it is sitting behind the wheel for the first time at Legoland or taking in the views at the top of O2’s London Eye, the brands that are tied to those moments last forever in their memories.

Brand experiences influence how consumers view a brand, so the main aim for brands is to interact in person with content that makes a positive impact on their feelings. With this understanding, it stands to reason that brands should aim to create meaningful and memorable experiences for their consumers.

If your brand offers consumers a fantastic experience, you are more likely to see a higher conversion rate of loyal consumers due to their increased brand awareness. At Purity, we are incredibly proud of the tailored, one-of-a-kind activations and campaigns that we deliver to our brands and clients.

Purity has worked on global projects and has delivered great results for some of the world’s biggest brands including Samsung, Alpro, Adidas, Johnnie Walker, Marriott and Hiscox. These are just a few examples of Purity’s many successful brand experience campaigns that have helped to improve awareness, loyalty, and conversions.

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Magical moments
to alter consumer habits

What are brand experiences and how will they work to raise awareness of your brand?

A basic definition of brand experience takes the idea of using promotional events to support and elevate marketing campaigns.

When a brand delivers a truly unforgettable experience, the memory of that experience becomes ingrained in the mind of the consumer leading to increased consumer brand awareness.

These experiences act as an opportunity to build relationships through shared interests and rapport. This growing bond and humanisation of the brand lead to increased loyalty. As such, using a brand experience marketing platform at events will instantly boost the positivity surrounding your brand giving it a sense of value, therefore extending associations to a brand and building a devoted following.

At the centre of every brand experience marketing campaign is the utilisation of each of the senses creating and harnessing consumer emotions. They should be personalised to each step of the consumer journey, driving prominence and relevance according to consumer needs.

We will work closely with you to deliver an integrated experiential marketing strategy and manage the end-to-end delivery of the strategic experiential marketing plans. Brand experiences can be a vital part of any planning and we want to ensure your marketing plan is the best it can be to effectively target your consumers.

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Adding Value for Consumers Without Losing Brand Appeal

A brand experience agency works alongside brands to help them to build relationships with consumers in an informal setting by taking a comprehensive look at the business, allowing them to deliver bespoke live event experiences tailored to their individual requirements.

Our team of experienced brand experience professionals will work alongside you to build campaigns that stay true to the personality of your brand. So, whether you’re are a futuristic tech brand, a chain of high-end luxury hotels, or a grassroots business that embraces eco-friendly ideals, we deliver opportunities to educate consumers on your products and services in a natural way that will encourage them to find out more.

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"Our goal is to ensure that customers leave your event with a greater incentive to use (or keep using) your brand for many years to come. The fact we do this in a cost-effective and convenient method that doesn't distract your business makes us the obvious answer."

Immersive interactions that deliver ROIs

Hosting an exciting brand experience to engage with audiences while painting your brand in a positive light means very little if the event doesn’t deliver a great return on investment for you.

It’s true that some of the rewards of hosting these experiences can’t be measured by tangible metrics. However, while long-term loyalty is paramount, Purity aims to find the winning formula that brings immediate results and hits its KPI’s.

By delivering memorable experiences that help brands drive ROI, our brand experience marketing solutions can also incorporate the opportunity to sell your products at events by allowing mobile point of sale terminals at pop-up stores.

Here, brands can use features that capture the details of consumers that could create loyal and valuable consumers, as well as obtaining valuable research on the product and brand.

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Bringing Brand Experience Designs to Life

By using intelligent strategies, our design team at our ISO accredited production house and creative studio works with brands to create stunning solutions that bring solutions to life. We have been trusted to work alongside brands for over a decade delivering the full creative and production service. Collaboratively taking the artwork to create a fully immersive engaging experience for end-users and consumers, we ensure that all assets are produced in the most sustainable way.

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Creating Engaging Concepts for Your Brand

At Purity, it is our Creative Team within our Design Studio that is the think-tank that allows us to conceptualise, design and produce dynamic brand experience solutions for any kind of brand, product and event.

We demonstrate the consumer journey by showing our clients the evolution of our designs leading up to the event, it is our collaborative approach to these projects that ensures there is a clear vision throughout the entire process.

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