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Alpro Caffé Sampling

Purity were briefed to support Alpro throughout Spring and Summer 2019 with the launch of the chilled on the go Caffé range. The activity was nationwide ensuring maximum reach to millennials.

The overall objective of the campaign was to increase penetration and usage of Alpro Caffé and decrease rejection. We were briefed to deliver a 4:1 ratio of poured to full size samples ensuring the perfect chilled serve at every site.

The Experience

We created a journey plan to include main travel hubs, city centre locations and key events such as Isle of Wight Festival and Race For Life. Since May the Alpro Brand Ambassadors have been encouraging trial of Alpro Caffé, ensuring key messages are communicated to highlight superiority against other competitors on the market.

Purity designed and produced a scalable kit of assets which were creatively focused around the design of the Alpro Caffé cup.

The kit included a Piaggio coffee van, sampling bins, flags, A-board, sampling counters and coffee cup recycling bin.

The campaign has been supported with extensive consumer market research.

50 days
of activity in 42 locations
consumers sampled
2 million
consumers reached


Over 5 months we sampled 437,500 perfectly chilled serves to consumers in 42 locations across the UK including shopping malls, city centres, train stations, Universities and events totalling a reach of over 2 million people!

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