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Champion of Adventure



As a 16-year sponsor of the Winter X-Games, Jeep was losing relevance. Its on-site presence had become all too familiar, while complex mountainside logistics  led to a decline in engagement.

Get thousands of targeted consumers behind the wheel of a Jeep while educating, exciting, and ultimately driving sales leads for dealers.


To tap into our audience, we created the Jeep “Champion of Adventure” experience. Fans stepped inside a 30-foot geodesic dome and hopped into a virtual Jeep immersive test drive. Once nestled into the heated seat of the legendary Jeep Wrangler, an immersive 4-D, 4-minute mountain drive adventure began. 

Our team conceived and produced the riveting 360° panoramic cinematic film experience. The trip was a 360° treat for the senses, complete with blowing wind and the scents and sounds of nature. 

Following the film, fans were invited to meet and greet X-Game athletes, customize leather Jeep keychains, and get behind the wheel of a Wrangler to start dreaming
of their Jeep adventures in real life. 


The “Champion of Adventure” activation was the most-awarded auto-activation of 2020.


engagements over the 3-day event


increase in leads versus YAG


increase in NPS survey post-experience


increase in leads versus two years ago

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