It’s all getting a bit Funky…

As many of our clients and partners already know, Purity Productions has been operating out of the Funkbunk since the start of 2010. However, new business wins throughout the year has meant we’ve added people to the project team and expansion was needed. We’re delighted with the results. The new and improved Purity Productions office is still based at the FunkBunk surrounded by the rolling Buckinghamshire hills, but we have even more space to grow into and welcome clients to.

Grant’s Whisky goes to new heights

Take 22 guests, seat them around a large dining table, place three of the finest Brand Ambassadors from Grant’s Whisky, including the Master Blender himself. Now hook that table to a crane and very gently elevate all 22 guests over 100ft into the sky and then tell them about Grant’s blended Whisky. Now that’s a brand experience.