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Purity Staffing is our award-winning promotional-staffing and event hospitality staffing solution – and it’s all about the talent.

It’s all about the talent.

It’s true – it’s not what you are saying; it’s the way you say it. You and your team are the brainpower behind your business – at Purity Staffing, we specialise in helping you tell your story, build relationships with your consumers, and sell your product.

Our handpicked team of talented promotional staff are ready to engage with the audience, bring your brand experience to life, and encourage new leads to connect with your brand.

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Industry Leading Promotional Staffing Agency

Thanks to live events and one-of-a-kind experiences, experiential marketing can help you build a genuine, long-lasting relationship with your audience. But there is no aspect that is more engaging and influential than human interaction.

That is why Purity Staffing has spent the past ten years handpicking, educating and training talented professionals that can embody your brand for you.

From delivering a stellar customer experience to providing continued engagement and showcasing your products, the talent on hand at our promotional staffing agency is ready to create an all-around experience for your targeted audience.

Such a strong emotional connection between brand and consumer can’t lead to anything other than brand devotion – a partnership and advocacy that goes far beyond loyalty.

Thanks to our growing global team, we can help your brand grow and craft a unique, personalised experience for your consumers both current and potential – locally, internationally and across any industry. Whether you are looking to bring to life a new marketing campaign, taking part in an event, or simply need our team to get your brand in hand to thousands of consumers, then our teams of promotional staff can help you reach your business goals.

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Supplying trained talent for over a decade

Finding the right face, personality and energy to represent your brand can be challenging – especially if you do not know what will genuinely leave a long-lasting impression on your audience. But luckily, at Purity Staffing, we do.

For over a decade, we have been scouting for the best talent across the UK and internationally creating a team of experienced event managers, promotional staff, brand ambassadors and hospitality event staff members. Once they have joined our team, many of our staff graduate from our exclusive, self-developed Customer Experience Programme. Thanks to this programme, we are confident that when you partner with our promotional staffing agency, no details of your client’s experience are left to chance.

It’s thanks to our highly trained talented staff, we can handpick the right professionals to represent your brand based on affinities, character, ethos and experience. From delivering first-class campaigns to bringing your brand’s personality to life, our experienced staff members are always up for the challenge.

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How Promotional Staffing Can Work For Your Brand

Promotional conversations, technical support and explanations are at the core of most sales strategies – but at Purity Staffing, we know that creating the right emotional connection and offering the right energy is just as important. Thanks to our training programme, years of on-field experience, case studies and success stories, we know the power of getting all these elements right.

With the right promotional staff for your event, you can put a face to your brand and create a personality that your clients are genuinely attracted to. Thanks to our team, you can refine your brand presence, boost awareness and encourage present and future engagement. After all, the long-lasting relationship you hope to have with your consumer is born upon the first meeting – and there is no take 2 when it comes down to making an amazing first impression!

At Purity Staffing, we understand how vital it is to get this first meeting right. That is why we do everything we can to get to know your brand, and become knowledgeable about your product or services, before deploying our experienced staff.

Thanks to our extensive (and growing!) network of promotional and event staff, you can always count on us to provide a brand ambassador that reflects your values, message and expertise.

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A cost-effective solution to reach your consumers

For global or international brands, the competition has never been fiercer than it is today. Making a memorable first impression on a consumer looking for your services can make a difference in your chances of success.

Purity Staffing’s promotional staff and brand ambassadors know it – and they are trained to convert interest into immediate sales and long-lasting brand devotion. When bringing to life one of your experiential marketing campaigns, our staff are not only able to become your most valuable return on investment, but they can also become an integral part of your brand mission. As we did for Samsung with our 200 strong team at the Rio 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

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