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CES sparks innovation opportunities for experiential marketing

February 2018

Last month saw the annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) take place at the megalithic Las Vegas Convention Centre, all 3.2 million square feet of it, housing some 5,000 exhibitors from the small, emerging start-ups to the gargantuan, global brands.

Exhibitors, keynote speakers and delegates flock to the show at the start of each year, traditionally seen as a look behind the proverbial curtain to all that is evolving in the rapidly moving world of consumer electronics and technology. The show presents an opportunity for brands to steal a march on rivals, claim first-to-market bragging rights and moreover showcase what the future holds for the man on the street.

Purity has been involved in the show over the past two years. In 2017 with Alibaba and this year with Samsung, in partnership with US agency clients McKinney and PMK-BNC. Over 100 Purity staff were recruited and trained to work in a number of roles across the show. Business Director for Purity USA, Baqer Keshwani shares a snapshot of some of the innovation on display and looks at the opportunities these may present for experiential marketing.

Toyota E-Palette

Pop-up goes mobile

“If Muhammed won’t go to the mountain…”, so the saying goes. We wondered looking at this quite remarkable concept vehicle, whether this saying inspired the design team at the world’s second biggest automotive manufacturer. The Toyota E-Palette is described as a solution that tackles both mobility and delivery solutions as we enter onto the cusp of autonomous vehicles. Toyota describes them as “fully-automated, next generation battery electric vehicles designed to be scalable and customizable for a range of Mobility as a Service businesses.” As Toyota talk up potential brand partnerships with the likes of Amazon, Pizza Hut and Uber ahead of the expected 2020 launch (Tokyo Olympic Games), we are already thinking ahead to how the E-Palette could be integral to a new wave of experiential pop-up stores for brand owners. Where the current pop-up wave shows no sign of breaking, we love the notion that this offers a self-contained, fully manageable and wholly unique solution for brands and agencies alike who are looking to engage with end-consumers in a wholly innovative way.

Smart gets smarter around the home

“Do as I say” is the new phrase in consumer electronics and the rise of voice interfaces has been exponential and looks set to continue. Siri, Google Home, Amazon Echo and Samsung’s Bixby are all just part of the ever-growing devices in this space and CES pointed to these solutions becoming increasingly louder (pardon the pun). Add into this voice controlled domestic devices from fridges to washing machines within the homes of the future. From an experiential perspective we see a huge opportunity for education. Consumers may be aware that these products are available, but understanding what this means for them, how these devices can integrate with other devices in their home, realising the true potential of voice interface devices, and determining the most suitable one for their home will become increasingly important.

It’s good to share

Photos, videos, boomerangs, gifs the list goes on and so does the public’s appetite for sharing experiences across social platforms. With or without filters, with or without frames and whimsical statements, content remains king and shows no real sign of letting up. As technology advances so does the quality of content and CES showed this to be the case. Smart mirrors and advancements in AR provide previously untold opportunities for virtual fittings and the photo booth of old bears little resemblance to those of the future and the capacity for sharing content, memories and experiences.


You’ve got a friend in me

Robotics is exploding with specifically companion robots paving the way for a whole new level of support, advice and assistance around the home or workplace. BUDDY, designed and manufactured by Blue Frog Robotics, was one of the stars of CES, walking away with Best of Innovation Awards. BUDDY is described as the revolutionary companion that connects, protects, and interacts with each member of your family. Behind his apparently cheerful & sweet little face, BUDDY acts as your assistant, monitors your house, entertains your kids and interacts with smart home devices, among many other services. Whilst some may find this unnerving, there is genuine opportunity for robots to support young and old alike at a time when technology around the home is becoming increasingly smarter. From an experiential point of view, we’re not sure that robots will ever entirely replace human brand ambassadors, but they certainly are an interesting innovation that consumers will be keen to learn more about and understand how they can help them in their day-to-day lives.

CES has the potential to over-awe such is the sheer scale of the show, however by exploring the convention centre, talking to exhibitors and watching people engage and interact with the plethora of technology on show it once again demonstrates that we are intrinsically reliant on technology on our lives and seeking to understand how we can push the boundaries to the next discovery.





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