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Sushi Samba Event

Addleshaw goddard

To create and produce a memorable and engaging event at a high profile location in the City of London for a major legal firm. Enabling Addleshaw Goddard to re-engage with C Suite Clients in person following the pandemic.

The event was to be designed to highlight the marketing campaign ‘Rhyme & Reason’ which is a celebration of the law and the people within businesses who practise it.


Purity shortlisted several exclusive venues in the City of London before agreeing on the high profile of venue of Sushi Samba on the 42nd floor of a tower in the heart of the City.

The venue was fully banded, with interactive poetry sessions, digital interactive engagements using headphones enabling guests to have personal moments listening to poetry read by the poets of a screen.

Purity managed the full production and delivery of the event.

400+ guests attended with a 99% guest satisfaction score.

Purity - Addleshaw Goddard

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