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Falcon Launch

Purity - Adidas Falcon Experiential Launch

The brief was to design, create and build an immersive and engaging experience that reflected the nostalgic 90’s inspired design of the Adidas Falcon trainer featuring Kylie Jenner in the accompanying campaign.

Amsterdam-based creative agency JamJam collaborated with Purity to bring the Adidas Falcon trainer launch to life, in key cities around Foot Locker flagship stores.

We wanted to invite consumers to step into the Home of Falcon whilst simultaneously stimulating sales by driving traffic to in-store experiences within Foot Locker stores across all three cities.


The Home of Falcon, designed by JamJam, was loud and unapologetically 90’s inspired with content creation opportunities throughout.

The multi-room experience enabled consumers to engage in a multitude of ways. Stepping into the Home of Falcon visitors were greeted by a bath filled with balls and the opportunity for one of the Adidas crew to take a branded polaroid keepsake.

The mirrored infinity room provided perfect selfie opportunities and guests were seen snapping away through the live days.

The Falcon Bedroom Rave provided guests with a chance to cut loose and sing like no-one was listening and dance like no-one was watching.

The sound-proofed booth belted out 90’s classics all day every day.

Finally, the games room invited consumers to roll back the years and play on some classic arcade games, Pac-Man anyone?

The Results

The activation took place in high-footfall locations in London, Liverpool and Berlin. The experiential unit was transportable, setting up in less than an hour making it perfect to move from location to location on a tour of this nature. The impactful external graphics created huge interest and intrigue and the footfall was consistently high in all locations.

Purity - Adidas Falcon Experiential Launch

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