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Sampling during lockdown

Purity - Ice Breaker Product Launch

Deliveroo Editions sampling during ‘Lockdown’

Purity recognised the challenge brands were facing in getting their product into the hands of their consumers during the Covid-19 UK lockdown. We saw an opportunity for one of our clients, the brewer and pub retailer Greene King, to promote their new Ice-Breaker beer to their key London demographic at a time when their estate of pubs are currently closed. The ambition was to drive trial and engagement amongst target consumers at home, bringing the product to their doorstep through Deliveroo Editions takeaway orders, whilst also offering a drive to purchase coupon to encourage future sales.

The Experience

Purity worked with Greene King and Deliveroo Editions to organise the distribution of 5,000 bottles of Ice-Breaker across targeted UK Edition London sites between the 6th and 12th April. Customers who placed an order and opted into the promotion received a chilled bottle of Ice-Breaker beer. This was accompanied by a promotional leaflet which featured a coupon enabling them to go on and claim a free Ice-Breaker glass online when they placed an order for 6 or 12 bottles.






London sites


5,000 chilled bottles of Ice-Breaker were distributed across 8 London Editions sites over 7 days.

Purity - Ice Breaker Product Launch

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