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Jameson Cult Film Club

Purity - Jameson Cult Film Club

From Cult Classics in Car Parks to Global Phenomenon: The Rise of the Jameson Cult Film Club

Attract new consumers (25-35 year olds) to the Jameson brand in a way that resonates and builds brand affinity.


The Jameson Cult Film Club (JCFC) – an experiential marketing campaign that brought cult films to life in unexpected locations, offering immersive experiences beyond just watching a movie.

Targeted audience: Focused on Jameson’s core demographic (25-35 year olds) by leveraging their interest in cult films.

Immersive experiences: Transformed non-traditional venues into interactive film sets, complete with themed food, drinks, and post-screening activities.

Cost-effective scalability: The concept was easily replicated across different locations and films, maximising reach while staying budget-friendly.

Strategic partnerships: Collaborations with major film studios like Paramount Pictures for movie premieres boosted brand visibility and credibility.

Global expansion: Recognising the international appeal, the JCFC concept was successfully adapted for markets worldwide.


Thousands of new Jameson consumers recruited to the brand around the world.

Wildly popular events: Thousands attended screenings across the UK, requiring extended runs.

Global reach: The concept rolled out internationally, creating a “Jameson Cult Film Club” community worldwide.

The JCFC story is a testament to the power of experiential marketing. It demonstrates how creating unique and engaging experiences can not only attract new customers but also foster a loyal brand community.

Purity - Jameson Cult Film Club

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