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Old Speckled Hen Sampling

Greene King owned Old Speckled Hen briefed Purity to deliver a London-centric experiential sampling campaign to support the recent brand refresh.

The activity was part of an integrated campaign aimed to drive awareness and help to recruit a younger audience (30-40 year olds) to the brand with the fresh appeal of a chilled serve.

It was important the brand messages clearly supported the ‘Drink Curious’ proposition which was consistently communicated by the trained staff and on the printed stand assets.


Purity designed, produced and delivered the campaign over a three week period. The Old Speckled Hen team visited Camden market, Victoria station, Waterloo station and Shoreditch Boxpark with a scalable kit to suit the various spaces. The Brand Ambassadors distributed chilled 50ml and 100ml samples from branded serving bars along with vouchers to drive footfall to nearby retail outlets.

At Camden and Shoreditch Boxpark, the activity was supported by a witty stand-up comedian Mike Shepard, author of Henry the Fox’s famous one liners, and several Hen beer masterclasses hosted by a Greene King brewer to allow for a deeper brand immersion for consumers.

Purity worked with Greene King’s social media team to run a social competition using branded photo frames in which consumers were encouraged to take a photo and share the experience on their accounts for the chance to win an exciting experience.

samples delivered
enjoyed the chilled taste
would consider buying
said it was not what they expected


Driving trial to the masses: Over 65,000 samples delivered across four dates.

Reinforcing the great taste message: 85% of consumers enjoyed the chilled taste.

Influencing future purchase behaviour: 80% of consumers would consider buying Old Speckled Hen.

Overcoming preconceptions: 60% of consumers said it was not what they expected.

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