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3 industries that can benefit from product sampling at summer events

August 2022

Purity - 3 industries that can benefit from product sampling at summer events

After two years of cancellations, re-scheduling, and adventurously exploring the four corners of our gardens, it’s fair to say that most of us are happy to be filling our calendars up again. And that means the summer events schedule is back in business.

Never before have customers been so fired up to attend events, festivals, fayres, sporting events and music concerts.

For some of the UK’s biggest events, it’s almost impossible to get tickets because they are that in demand. Plus, it’s likely this trend will continue into next year, as attendees are making up for lost time.

This isn’t just good news for those running the events, but great news for brands who want to capitalise on that traffic, showcase their products and expose their brand to the right communities.

In this post, we’ll talk about three industries we feel can really maximise this opportunity during the summer months, and even beyond, using these events as a backdrop for brand promotion, awareness and exposure.

Handing out freebies? Sounds like a loss to me!

If you’re thinking that sounds like a money burner rather than an earner, let’s quickly erase that thought from your mind! Product sampling enables a brand to offer a positive experience with an opportunity to ‘try before you buy’, giving the consumer a chance to make a confident purchasing decision.

Sometimes, business leaders can shy away from product sampling since they’re sceptical of the ROI. But if you truly believe in your product/service, you’ll want to get people excited and share everything your product or service has to offer as an incentive to buy. Paired with discount codes and exclusive offers, the ROI generated from a product sampling event can be huge.

Yes, you will need to be willing to front a proportion of stock, pay for brand ambassadors and an experiential agency to take care of the logistics and planning. But when executed properly, they can be extremely lucrative avenues for ROI.

Which industries can benefit from sampling at summer events and why?


The demographic pool available at summer events is unmatched. Depending on the type of event, we can expect to come into contact with the leisurely and sociable millennials and generation Z, and even families with young children. These tend to be audiences with some free time and disposable income to spend on luxuries and try new things. Sociable, summer events are an excellent place to get in amongst those demographics.

Depending on the audience of course, you’ll perhaps need to get more specific about your choice of event. But the opportunities to gain exposure are endless.


We all know the value of social proof. Word of mouth, reviews and peer recommendations are at the crux of any tech marketing strategy. People don’t believe what you tell them about your product until they see a real customer relaying their joy, ease of use, or results from your product.

Technology instantly resonates with younger generations who might be present at summer events, whether that’s new software, an app or a product. But for older generations and those with more resistance, a sampling event would help show them how to get the most out of tools they might not be able to navigate without in-person instruction.


Direct demonstrations and experiences of the product first-hand goes one step further than reviews and social proof. It helps drive consumers to make a decision. This is especially important for events where you can capture the whole family. Parents, children and relatives all have an important role to play within the buyer’s decision, and if there’s any resistance within a family, this is your opportunity to reduce doubt and build confidence in your product.

With new technologies, it can be trickier to get older demographics on board. So rather than intruding on their day-to-day, interacting with them in-person and delivering a positive experience with family and friends can open their eyes to a product they might not have considered trying before.

Food and beverage


Food and beverage is always welcome at summer events – it’s almost expected, so product sampling is a non-intrusive way to connect with consumers and market products.

It goes without saying that event attendees during the hot summer months are going to be hungry and thirsty. If you have a food or beverage brand, now is prime time to capitalise on this traffic.

By influencing consumer decisions, product sampling can introduce them to new brands they may not have considered in the shops or online.

We know that people often have their favourite food and beverage brands and it’s not until they’re presented with an opportunity to ‘try before they buy’ that they might consider a new alternative. At summer events, this is the perfect opportunity to engage with your target audience and give them a taste of your product and brand. Summer events are fitting for products such as cold drinks, snacks and other fit for purpose food which will be a welcome addition to their day, with no need for intrusive promotion or advertising. Invite new people to try before they buy and capture a variety of new audiences.

Fitness and wellbeing

If we reconsider the traffic passing through summer events and those dominant demographics, we can expect to see a lot of millennials and Gen Z. According to FittInsider, Gen Z is the ultimate wellness consumer, with 91% reporting a physical or psychological problem due to stress. Millennials on the other hand place a firm emphasis on fitness, with 76% reporting that they exercise at least once a week. Put simply, millennials and Gen Z are good for business if you’re in the fitness and wellbeing market. So, what does this have to do with product sampling?

Summer events are complemented nicely by the presence of wellness brands. Fitness and wellbeing brands can engage with them in a positive light and introduce samples that may counteract and balance any unhealthy treats, such as indulgent foods or alcohol!

Whether it’s vitamins, sanitisers, whole foods or fitness accessories, you’re sure to attract true prospects if they make a visit to your exhibition a priority.

Product sampling events are the perfect opportunity to observe and interact with your consumers, find out what they’re looking for, what they expect, and what they need from a brand like yours. This insight can help you drive your business model in the direction of increased sales and better consumer relationships.

Product sampling gives you the chance to engage face-to-face with your audiences, but the type of event can have an impact in how they receive that messaging. Summer is a great time to communicate positive messages and offer samples and trials, since people are pumped up to feel great and try new things.

Still need more convincing? Check out some of our case studies, or get in touch with a member of our team.

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