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Proving ROI Through Product Sampling

March 2022

Purity - Proving ROI Through Product Sampling

Developing a product and launching it into the market has its challenges. But the whole project is easy compared to what comes next: convincing consumers to break their habits, switch to your brand, and transfer their loyalty.

But if your brand operates in the FMCG field, there is an extra string to your bow that can help you win over your customer’s loyalty. In the sections below, you’ll discover the benefits of product sampling and the value of taste and trial for your company.

Product sampling is a launchpad for your product

According to Purity’s 2022 Customer Attitudes Towards Brands report, over 60% of consumers who were introduced to a new product would switch to that alternative. In the same survey, the ability to trial a sample before purchase ranks as the number one reason for switching from one brand to another – even before the cost factor!

But if your brand has been developing a new product, the chances are that you are aware of these stats, and you are ready to hand out incentives, coupons, and discounts that will help your customers sample your new product and fall in love with it at a minimal cost.

A product sampling experience is a perfect environment to distribute coupons and increase the chances that your consumers will, in fact, try the product. Since 65% of a company’s revenue derives from returning customers, it is much easier from there!

Experiential activation encourages word of mouth

Product sampling and tasting is an important experiential activation initiative that can help new and returning consumers explore a new product. But what is even more important is that they will have the chance to step into an experiential, engaging environment.

Here, they can learn more about the product, ask questions about the brand, and immerse themselves in your company’s mission. All this, coupled with a team of expert brand ambassadors ready to answer any question, can help you leave a positive long-lasting impression. In turn, this can generate the word of mouth you need to create the right buzz around your new product release. Don’t forget that the most influential factor for new buyers is their family and friends’ recommendations – second only to a person’s own experience.


An experience can help you raise consumer awareness

Experiential marketing and immersive brand experiences are excellent tools to target a specific audience, and that’s because each experience is fully tailored to the intended target audience.

For example, if you wish to tap into an audience of younger consumers and young adults, you can create a fun atmosphere designed to draw the attention of that specific demographic.

If you have been looking to grow your brand into unexplored markets or towards new audiences, targeted product sampling can help you raise awareness among a specific customer group.


Product sampling can help you target multiple environments

Launching a new product is a complex project that requires you to be active on multiple fronts. Of course, social media is essential, but how about hosting multiple experiential initiatives in several environments?

This can help you find your ideal target audience in the place where they already are – and in the moment when they are likely to be the most receptive to your product.

Plus, hosting sampling events across multiple environments allows you to tap into multiple audiences at once, without needing to limit your product launch site to a single location.

Unique opportunity to conduct consumer research

The value of taste and trial does not stop at just engaging with your customers. Launching an on-the-field event where you will be attending with your brand ambassadors gives you the unique chance to collect precious feedback on site.

Here are some benefits of conducting customer research on site:

  • It allows you to immediately deal with complaints, which can increase customer loyalty by 75%
  • Can help you understand your target audience’s thoughts about the product, so that you can be prepared for future projects
  • It allows you to fix issues with the marketing, branding, or packaging while limiting expenses
  • It helps you prepare for future complaints and comments
  • Is essential to ensure that the marketing is in-line with customers’ expectations

Lastly, conducting customer research is an unmissable opportunity to better understand your consumers and develop products that better meet their needs.

Design your next ROI-focused product sampling campaign with Purity

Each brand is unique – and so your product sampling initiative should be. Here at Purity, our brand experience designers and product sampling experts have been helping brands connect with their audience for over 15 years – from Alpro to Ice Breaker Pale Ale, and Covid-safe sampling initiatives.


Thanks to our experience and creativity, we can help you design an experience that will help you engage with new and returning customers, promote word of mouth, and deliver the ROI expected.

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