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Purity - Greene King Taprooms

Purity has been working with Greene King throughout 2022 supporting on the launch of the new premium craft beers. For this brief, the ambition was to create an experience that would deliver incremental volume and trial-driving opportunities as well as one that drives brand awareness and facilitates brand education.


Purity designed the Modern Legends Tap rooms, a pop-up bar offering two new craft beers for consumers to try as a chilled sample size. The structure had an open plan bar on one side with an LED media wall on the other side playing a bespoke animation showcasing the beers.

The Tap Rooms bar was live across Victoria station for one day and Waterloo Station for three days. The dates coincided with the Rugby international England Vs New Zealand game to target the fans travelling to Twickenham.

The experience created opportunities for consumers to engage with the stories of the brand and importantly try the products. Those who had time to engage were offered a chance to spin a wheel to potentially win a prize. A survey was carried out to measure brand sentiment, taste feedback and knowledge of the Premium beer stories.






enjoyed the samples


The LED media wall increased brand awareness for a fraction of the cost of station screen media. Over the four days, we had an OTS of just under 1 million and were able to get 34,500 samples onto lips. 84% of those who completed our survey had not heard of the new beers prior to the event.

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