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Rex Orange County Event

Purity - Mola Chill Club Rex Orange County Event

Rex Orange County Event

Mola Chill Club is a Private Members Club which grants VIP access to experiential events, concerts, secret gigs, and merch across the world.

Mola Chill Club hosts a number of experiential events across the year, immersing attendants into a different reality while always featuring some of the best talents on stage.

For their exclusive Rex Orange County concert held at the amazing St John at Hackney Church, Mola Chill Club briefed Purity to produce a County Fair in the gardens of the church, along with character actors and social media interactions inside the venue.


Purity worked closely with the venue and Mola Chill Club to produce a County Fair in the gardens of St John, the first time an event had been held on this space.

As a surprise to guests on the evening the space was laid out to allow the incredible magician Dynamo the opportunity to showcase his tricks, interacting with club members around the site.

We installed a series of stretch marquees and festoon lighting around the site. Inside which was staging, dynamic lighting and theatrical props to give a stunning backdrop to the County Fair theme.


Fairground games were installed across the gardens including classics such as the coconut shy, shooting gallery, hoopla, and striker game to bring the event to life. Members also had the chance to win merchandise and exclusive prizes by taking part.

Actors and jugglers helped to welcome guests to the event and provide an element of showmanship to the proceedings.

Finally, inside the venue we created a Mola Chill Club branded digital mirror wall. This was a unit with a two-way mirror with an electronic display behind the glass. The smart mirror featured a camera hidden behind a touch-enabled mirror, allowing the club member to see themselves as they took branded selfies that were sent directly to their device for them to share on social media.

Purity - Mola Chill Club Rex Orange County Event

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