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Purity - Hiscox Control Room

Following on from the 2019 Cyber Cube installation, and after over two years of working on the project through the pandemic, Purity were tasked with designing and producing an experiential stunt in Lloyd’s of London to raise awareness of their Malicious Attack insurance product.

The aim of the experiential activity was to increase the profile of Hiscox to be seen as leading the way in emerging risks, to educate brokers on Malicious Attack and to promote the relationship between Hiscox and their global risk consultancy, Control Risks.


The Control Room was designed as an exciting immersive crisis situation experience that put Brokers’ decision-making skills to the test. The stunning bright red 3m x 3m Hiscox cube was installed within the Lloyds of London iconic underwriting floor and created a wow splash of colour within the heart of the historic trading floor.

In an escape room style experience, participants were playing in a race against the clock to complete three challenges which tested their knowledge, accuracy and awareness of Malicious Attack.

The first game was a multiple-choice challenge, for the second game participants had to find red flags within an image and on the final game they had to navigate through a maze of true or false statements before the clock reached zero.


Pre-promotion of the event across social and Lloyds of London internal screens.

Over 200 participants took part in the experience for a chance to win a luxury overnight stay in the UK.

Content shared on social media and internal platforms.

“The Hiscox Control Room was iconic, immersive and educational. It created an important opportunity to speak to brokers face-to-face in the heart of the Lloyd’s of London building.”

Pete Knott

Marketing Manager, Hiscox

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