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working at the world’s biggest sporting event

Rio Olympics & Paralympics Games

With a pedigree of working on Samsung projects in the UK and internationally over the past seven years, Purity was appointed by Cheil and Jack Morton Worldwide to staff the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Purity utilised its growing international agency network to support on the campaign to provide local product experts, security staff and cleaning staff to work across the three different locations – Olympic Park, Athlete’s Village and Main Press Centre. The Purity project team visited Rio on a number of occasions leading up to the Games to interview, select and train staff for the project. Several hundred local staff applied for the 150 roles. Leading the local staff were 24 Senior Event Managers and Team Leaders taken from our experienced pool of Samsung staff from the UK. This team assisted in the training phase and managed each of the activation showcases through the Games.

On the ground operational management in Rio by Purity throughout both the Olympic and Paralympic Games allowed for the smooth running of the Showcases which were visited by over 75,000 people.

The Olympic Showcase provided visitors with the opportunity to experience the latest in Samsung technology including the 64 seater 4D VR rollercoaster theatre, along with an interactive tour that took visitors through several unique experiences including S7 Beats, S7 Run, 360 Social Galaxy and VR canoe.

In the Athlete’s Village the Samsung team were on hand to assist athletes and coaches in setting up and problem-solving Samsung devices. This showcase proved extremely popular through both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.