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The roadmap to a reawakening of brand experiences

March 2021

Purity - The roadmap to a reawakening of brand experiences

We aren’t ‘bouncing back’, we are reawakening

Over the last year we have used the term ‘bounce back’ several times and the bounces have ended up falling pretty flat with new road blocks being put in place to once again limit experiences and social interactions. We are now no longer looking at the re-opening of society in terms of a bounce back, but more of a reawakening. Things have moved on dramatically since the start of 2020, the public’s priorities and values have changed and so bouncing back to ‘before’ would be to unlearn everything the past 14 months has taught us. One thing we are certain about though is the longing for face to face interactions and experiences. Following a couple of false starts it seems that we are finally on the road to recovery and one step closer to this becoming a reality.


Looking ahead to an optimistic summer 2021

So here we are, Boris has announced his roadmap, Rishi has put forward his budget, and all eyes are now focused on a cautious April, an optimistic May, a positive June and a joyous summer after June 21st. With the vaccine rollout proving successful this really could be the slow determined jog towards the finish line at the end of a marathon that will have lasted some 15 months.

Now is the time to focus on brand experiences once again

Clients can now plan with some degree of certainty that this summer, brand experiences can once more play a key part in their marketing strategy. In fact, we believe this will be THE time to get out there and interact with your consumers. It’s a time to show the human, physical and tangible side of the brand that has been hidden behind a screen for too long. This is the moment to be part of a special, historic, and unique point in our lives as we celebrate the small things and cherish social interactions with friends. As a species we are built to interact with one another, and no more so than after a period of being hidden away in our caves for so long. We at Purity will always champion live experiences, and right now it is what people are craving more than ever. To that end, let’s get back out there this summer and make this one of the greatest summers we have ever had.

At Purity we are busy planning summer activations for several our clients, contact us to help you reawaken the human connection with your consumers! Don’t miss this opportunity as we may never have a summer like it again (hopefully!).

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