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Leveraging Influencers To Improve Your Experiential Marketing Campaign

February 2021

Purity - Leveraging Influencers To Improve Your Experiential Marketing Campaign

Most companies view experiential and influencer marketing as two entirely separate categories. But it turns out how that both dovetail into each other beautifully, amplifying the effectiveness of your live events and taking brand impact to the next level.

Experiential marketing – or marketing that surrounds prospects in a live, multi-sensory experience – is fast becoming the preferred way to gain traction in the modern marketplace. Consumers want something that really stands out from the deluge of advertising they receive. And live marketing delivers.

But experiential marketing doesn’t have to stand alone, separate from other channels. Many companies are discovering that influencers can further enhance live events as potent brand-building tools.

Remember, influencers have a massive incentive to find new and exciting experiences for their audiences. Plus, they often attend them in person themselves as a way of generating content.

Reasons Why Marketers Should Leverage Influencers To Promote An Experiential Marketing Campaign

So why are influencers and experiential marketing merging? Why should marketers leverage them for live events?


Influencers Create More Buzz For Events

Live experiences often trump passive online experiences and advertising. Everything is so much more immediate and attention-grabbing. Banner ads never stop people in their tracks, but a show does.

Grabbing attention, though, is just the first step. The next part is to get people engaged and genuinely interested in your brand and what you have to sell.

Trying to generate engagement using in-house methods is perfectly feasible. But if you want deeper and more profound engagement, influencers can be by far the more powerful tool.

Influencers have massive trust capital with their audiences. Those who follow them, hang on their every word and will often make purchasing decisions based on their recommendations. And the best bit? – collaborating with influencers is relatively cost effective. Especially, when you compare it to hiring costly celebrities.

Influencer Marketing Boosts Awareness

Another of the benefits of influencer marketing is the fact that it helps to boost awareness of your event before it starts and after it finishes. When you leverage influencers, you transform your live experience campaign from one-shot occasions into something that spreads out over time, continuing to boost your brand passively online via social channels. That’s why 81 per cent of marketers say that influencer engagement is effective.


Leverage Influencer Trust

Data from The Digital Marketing Institute show that 49 per cent of consumers depend on influencer recommendations. People are willing to take the recommendations of the “average Joe” in preference to paid celebrity recommendations.

In many cases, influencers introduce your brand’s experiential marketing to new audiences who wouldn’t have come across you otherwise. They tend to be much better at grabbing attention than traditional marketing methods.

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