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Whether you want to call it live event marketing, brand experience, or event marketing, the power of live experiential marketing has never been greater. Our live experience agency prides itself on delivering fully tailored and one-of-a-kind activations that guarantee memorable moments that your consumers will never forget.

From winning new clients to keeping VIP consumers happy, our comprehensive live experiential marketing services are your ticket to improved awareness, loyalty and conversions. Take the first steps to heightened success by arranging a consultation today!

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Magical moments
to alter consumer habits

In its most basic definition, live experiential marketing is the idea of using special promotional events and experiences to support and elevate marketing campaigns.

How does live experiential marketing work

  • When you deliver an unforgettable experience, the memory of your event become ingrained in the consumer’s mind. As such, brand awareness will soar.
  • The experience itself is an opportunity to build new relations and enhance existing bonds through shared interests. The growing rapport and humanisation of the brand will lead to increased loyalty.
  • Live experiential marketing events instantly boost the general positivity surrounding the brand while promoting a sense of value. In turn, prospective leads extend those associations to your products and become devoted followers.
  • A well structured and organised event establishes an increased sense of professionalism and status, which can increase trust in the brand. Trust levels are further enhanced by putting faces to the brand.

Adding value for visitors without losing brand appeal

The proposed benefits of building a bond with clients in an informal setting that shows the fun and generous sides of your business aren’t difficult to see. However, building a strategy that turns those visions into a reality is a far tougher challenge.

Our experienced live experience agency takes a comprehensive look at the business to deliver bespoke live marketing for your requirements.

Aside from respecting the current stage of your business journey, along with budget considerations, our team of experienced professionals build campaigns that;

  • Stay true to your brand personality, whether that be embracing eco-friendly ideas, futuristic technologies, or high levels of elegance and luxury.
  • Deliver opportunities to drive education and understanding of your products and services in a casual and non-aggressive manner that encourages customers to find out more.
  • Create ample opportunity for engaging content before, during, and after the live experiential marketing event itself. The benefits for the brand extend to interactions with other clients on social media.
  • Can be linked to other branding and marketing strategies, incorporating slogans and other features in an engaging manner that increases awareness and familiarity for the long haul.

"Our goal is to ensure that customers leave your event with a greater incentive to use (or keep using) your brand for many years to come. The fact we do this in a cost-effective and convenient method that doesn't distract your business makes us the obvious answer."

Immersive interactions that deliver ROIs

Organising an exciting event for new audiences and current consumers will paint your brand in a positive light, but it counts for very little if the event doesn’t make financial sense.

While many of the rewards are either intangible or measured by long-term loyalty, our live experience agency additionally sets out to find a formula that can bring immediate returns.

While our job is to deliver memorable events, we appreciate that your job is to turn a profit. Our strategic live experiential marketing solutions achieve this through;

  • Incorporating the opportunity to sell products either on-site through pop-up stores and mobile POS terminals or via orders.
  • Gaining client feedback during and after the event to understand perceptions of the brand and any changes that occur as a result of the event.
  • Using features that capture the contact details of new customers and passersby, who could subsequently become customers.

Ultimately, then, we don’t simply understand experiential marketing. We understand you. Furthermore, we know why live experiential marketing is important for the growth and sustained success of your brand.

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