Event Awards WinnerPurity Staffing is the award winning in-house, professional staffing solution at Purity. We have been recruiting, training and supplying quality promotional staff in the industry for over six years. We provide staff who are professional, enthusiastic, dedicated and talented. Staffing solutions are tailored for every client and project with event managers in the field acting as an extension of the client service team.

In 2014 Purity Staffing was recognised at the Field Marketing & Brand Experience Awards, IPM COGS and were voted as winners of the best UK Staffing Supplier (Staff, Crewing & Security) at the Event Awards.

Promotional & Event Staff Recruitment

Staff are invited to apply and manage their own profile through www.puritystaffing.com. Our staffing portal has been designed to allow staff to apply for jobs where ever they may be. All staff applying for Purity Staffing are interviewed face-to-face before being accepted onto our books. We regularly conduct recruitment days across the country where staff can showcase their skills and meet the Purity Staffing team and understand the benefits of working for us and the wide range of opportunities available.

Staff Development

We place great value on the importance of developing our greatest asset, our event managers and promotional brand ambassadors. We have an in-house Training and Development Manager who has developed a number of initiatives demonstrating our commitment to this area;

  • Training & Development

    Training of event managers and brand ambassadors is vital in ensuring we give staff the opportunity to develop their own skill-set whilst working for Purity. We have developed a formal appraisal system that allows staff to understand how they have performed and discuss with us areas or skills they would like the chance to refine.

  • Customer Experience Program (CEP)

    We want every campaign to deliver the best possible results for all our clients. The CEP has been developed with input from staff and clients, creating a framework that communicates how best to engage with consumers.

  • Employee Engagement

    We recognise that the landscape of promotional staffing has changed. We have undertaken an Employee Engagement Study in collaboration with the University of Manchester on understanding the motivations of promotional staff. We want to understand and improve the relationship we have with staff to drive levels of performance for our clients.

Reward & Recognition

Saying “thank-you” is a huge part of what we do. As an agency that places great value on people, reward and recognition is integral to how we engage with staff. We have a monthly Purity Staffing reward program and regularly run incentives and reward schemes on campaigns.

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