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10 benefits of hiring promotional staff for your events

December 2020

Purity - 10 benefits of hiring promotional staff for your events

From product launches to award ceremonies, sampling campaigns to roadshows, there are many different types of corporate events and experiential campaigns that businesses use to showcase their products and services to full effect. To ensure your activation is a success, you should consider hiring promotional staff, and we’re going to reveal 10 reasons why.

Who are promotional staff?

Before we delve deeper into the benefits associated with promotional staffing, it is important to answer the following question: who are promotional staff? Promotional staff are trained brand representatives, who are hired to promote a business, service, or product.

Benefits of hiring promotional staff

Now that you’re aware of what promotional staff members do, let’s take a look at the benefits of hiring them to bring your brand experience to life:


01: Promotional staff can help you to introduce a new product

Promotional staff will help you bring a new product to market. Introducing a new product within a live environment can be viewed as a calculated risk, yet with experienced and knowledgeable promotional staff, the risk in communicating the key messages correctly and in the right manner is greatly reduced. In fact a positive interaction with fantastic ambassadors can have a long-lasting impact on consumers created devoted brand advocates.

02: This is a cost-efficient solution

It can be difficult to extend your brand’s reach to new consumers, as you need to coordinate your marketing efforts to reach untouched markets. Promotional staff can be utilised at targeted locations and events to bring the human touch to your consumer without the need to spend huge sums on physical stand builds and associated equipment.

03: They will add value to the shopping experience

Promotional staff provide a fun interaction and a friendly face, ensuring an enhanced shopping or event experience for your consumers. This will be particularly important post-Covid as people crave human interactions once again.

04: Deliver a better consumer experience

A strong consumer experience starts with communication between your brand and your audience. The personal touch can make a huge difference.

05: Promotional staff can educate potential consumers

Not only do promotional staff promote your products, but they educate your consumers too. Consumers today are wary of change, and so promotional staff will educate people on how your products and/or services are essential.

06: Gain valuable insights into what your consumers think

You need to know what your shoppers are thinking if you are to exceed their expectations. What are your consumers’ needs? What are they hoping for from your product or service? Promotional staff will be able to answer these queries for you through effective consumer research.

07: Enhance brand professionalism

IIf you are investing considerable amounts in events to promote your brand you need to ensure that you use trained, and experienced staff, that are able to show your brand in a professional light that reflects your brand and ensures ROI.

08: Boost in-store footfall

Promotional staff in retail environments ensure your products get in front of more people. Sampling, demonstrations, and product launches are three effective ways of increasing store footfall through enhancing the customer experience.

09: Show consumers how your products work

Promotional staff can demonstrate your products, showing potential consumers how they work with a live demonstration. Tech products are one example where this is a proven marketing tactic leading to immediate sales uplift.

10: Increase your sales levels

Ultimately, it all comes down to your sales. The interaction between your consumers, the promotional staff, and your products/services will help you to boost your sales and increase ROI on your campaign.

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