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From concept to execution – behind the scenes of an experiential campaign

June 2024

Purity - From concept to execution – behind the scenes of an experiential campaign

In this blog, we want to take through the step-by-step process of a brand experience campaign with Purity, from concept to execution. 

No two campaigns are the same, so our team understand how to respond to varying briefs with agility and adaptability. 

However, there is a process we follow to ensure our clients get the best experience and return on investment from their campaigns.

Conversations & ideation

Your planning cycle has commenced and you believe that there will be a need to incorporate some form of live activation into the mix. 

Whatever your initial thoughts, we invite our clients to have an open conversation with us about the vision for the campaign and desired outcomes. If they’re clear on what they want, a brief with campaign objectives together with a deep dive into the brand and its values really helps us to begin to turn that vision into reality. 

We’ll then start to scope out the campaign.

Depending on the time of year, we can tailor campaigns to be seasonal. We’ll help clients understand the costs involved and scope out a campaign for their budget, focusing on planning in January and February, with additional budget considerations for spring and last-minute initiatives. Launches typically happen in summer and beyond, often looking ahead to the following year.

Purity’s work often starts before the brief is written.  Our role includes guiding clients in developing their briefs and providing best practice advice, offering templates or formulas so you’ll know when to approach us and what information to provide.

Here’s what to consider in your brief:

  • Get really clear on your mission, vision and objectives
  • Provide us with as much information about your target audience (we’ll do our own  deep dive but anything you can tell us up front will help guide the creative process)
  • Have an idea of your budget
  • Provide us with insights and results from previous campaigns
  • Be honest and transparent – we really need to understand where you are now, what your process is, and how many third parties are involved.


Our creative and planning team get started by developing an understanding of the target audience, occasions, lifestyle, culture and the brand and its values. This is a key stage in our process which sets us apart from the competition because we use consumer and cultural insight to create an experiential platform upon which the campaign sits.  For example, with our campaign for Jameson Cult Film Club – the platform was cult films and we built an eco-system of different media with the experience at the centre.

Purity staff talking
Malibu at Elrow London


Then, the fun part – creative concepts. Our creative department review the platform and start to conceptualize the experience. We design visuals, 3D concepts and a full suite of storyboards that fit within your budget and around the overarching platform. 

The creative is always placed in situ – be it a festival or stand-alone event.  Environment is always crucial to the campaign’s success. Check out Malibu’s Confession Booth which was a result of this creative process from Purity where we created a fun experience to sit alongside bars at music festivals. 


Our Account Team review our database of events and locations around the world to identify the right property for your activation.  With an understanding of how many people you want to reach, where and when we can negotiate with rights holders the best locations for the experience and ensure that the campaign is front and centre to audiences in attendance. 


We understand that these ideas change, shift and will be tweaked as time goes on. Healthy collaboration is a must during the campaign development process. We will present you with our budgets and ideas at sessions where you can put forward your input, experience and ideas. A healthy partnership is what helps us reach the most impactful outcomes. 

Once the budget is fully approved and all the creative agreed we move forward to production. 

Delivery team

Once we connect you with our client services team, the project truly sets sail. We understand ideas can morph, so we embrace flexibility to adapt. Your dedicated project manager and account director will then collaborate with the delivery team to bring your vision to fruition. This might involve securing brand ambassadors or scouting campaign locations. They’ll keep you informed with clear timelines and expectations throughout the process.


We have our own in-house promotional staffing team, with a portal with over 2,500 ambassadors. Once signed up to the portal, ambassadors submit applications detailing their availability and experience. Our expertise and the database allow us to determine who is the best fit for each campaign, prioritising characteristics and ability over demographics. 

Prior to deployment, ambassadors undergo an in-depth brand immersion and training day. A complete picture of the campaign, the brand, our objectives and their script is delivered at this session. Often our clients are present and on hand to answer any questions and meet the team. Our team for VELO worked closely with the brand team and recently undertook 1,000 staffing days in March and the results were excellent. 

Hiscox control room phone

On location

Before we attempt any build or set-up, it’s essential we carry out our due diligence. 

As with the Hiscox Control Room campaign which took place in a listed building, we had to carry out many site visits and complete risk assessments and method statements of what would take place. When they are signed off, these drawings become our bible, detailing specific things such as the weight and size of any assets. 

We’ll then share this with our production team to use as their manual.


Whilst site visits are taking place, our production team are usually cracking on with the task of making the physical assets for the experience. We have a team of set builders who design and produce complex sets for large events such as the Olympics, Tomorrowland and Coachella where attention to detail are vitally important to this stage. 


Delivery and build can vary depending on the nature and size of the campaign. 

Some may require an overnight build, some could be over two or three nights. Simpler setups can be an early morning build. 

From initial setup to seamless execution, we ensure that every aspect of your event runs smoothly. Our team will handle the build-up, ensuring everything is in place and operational, and then brief your team accordingly.

Post-event, we’ll take care of everything from dismantling the setup to disposing of rubbish, allowing you to focus solely on experiencing the campaign firsthand. 

Just like our work with the Alpro London Coffee Festival, where we took care of the creative and production. 


Sustainability is no longer a peripheral concern for Purity; it’s become central to our success.  Our eco-friendly practices ensure that we reduce their environmental footprint.  Eco-conscious attendees are increasingly drawn to events that prioritise sustainability. Furthermore, sustainable practices can lead to cost savings through resource conservation and waste reduction. 


Reporting and KPIs

The success of any marketing campaign hinges on measurable results and KPIs.

We’ll use tracking mechanisms and strategic metrics to gain valuable insights into the campaign’s performance and your ROI (return on investment).

We’ll evaluate everything from reach, interactions, consumer engagement, conversions, sales, and the impact of any vouchers. Our team will also monitor social media buzz through UGC (user-generated content) via dedicated hashtags, allowing us to gauge excitement surrounding the campaign.

To delve deeper into consumer sentiments, we often conduct brand surveys post-campaign. These surveys, accessible via QR codes, will delve into brand perception, sentiment, and propensity to purchase. 

By measuring these metrics, we not only gauge immediate campaign impact but also assess our ability to influence consumer perceptions over time.


The power of experiential marketing lies in its ability to catapult your brand into the forefront of consumers’ minds, improve consumer perception, and change consumer behaviour.

With experiential campaigns, you need a trusted and experienced experiential agency by your side to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Want to have a chat about how experiential could work for you? Feel free to reach out to our team who are happy to help!

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